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Judit Szendrei

I am Judit Szendrei, I work as an economist in the Hungarian town of Debrecen. Since one part of my family lives here, and the other in London, I am fortunate enough to call both of these cities my home.


I created my first picture in 2015, at that time merely to entertain myself. Devising these pictures brought me not only tranquility, but the unparalleled joy of creating something unique. Most of the pictures I have painted so far have been given out as gifts to my loved ones and friends. From a mere hobby, painting with stamps, as the owner of the Antal-Lusztig collection described my art, has slowly but surely grown into passion. Only a few days have to pass without being able to paint, and I already miss it.


All my family members, even my friends encouraged me, nagged me even, to show my art to others. Thus my first exhibition opened its doors in October 2018, displaying my first thirty-five pictures. Originally I planned to close it down in a week but finally it lasted for two months as I always was asked to show it to a newer and newer adience!


My first visitors were mostly my colleagues and my friends. Seeing the joy on their faces, hearing them praise my works, congratulating was more than I could have asked for. These positive feedbacks are my source of inspiration and thanks to this, I am always full of new ideas. In the meantime two local newspapers started showing interest in my works too, they published reports made with me, the articles appeared in both printed and digital format, which, in turn, generated even greater interest for my pictures. 


My reason for embarking on this wonderful journey of creation deserves a few words too. In the beginning, I was looking for an activity with which I could enjoy in the company of my daughter who has Down-syndrome. To this day, we soak the stamps off together. Her tasks include sorting, and grouping them. My sons are my critics, and my husband is my manager. This is, after all, a family project!

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